Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Most Important Relationship 3 - Talking to God

I was a praying kid. I said my prayers every night, and at one point I even wrote my own little book of prayers.  I’ve been driven by a hunger to connect to God for as long as I can remember.  One morning when I was about 11, I came down to breakfast in tears. I was worried that God wanted me to become a nun and move to Africa. You see, I was a Catholic at the time, and that was the most committed thing I could do….but I really wanted to get married and have a family! I was in a place many Christians find themselves. We want to be close to God, want to please Him, but don’t really know what that looks like. How does a physical human connect with an ethereal God?  

I was helped greatly in my early twenties by Dr. Sherri Barden, a passionate woman who believed that everyone in our church needed to be close to God.  She was the one who got me started on writing in a spiritual journal.  So what do we say to God? I mean, beyond the Santa Claus-like list of things that we want from Him?

Here are some ideas:
1.       You can always talk to Him about your life, your day, what’s going well, what’s going poorly.  It’s kind of “diary” conversation, only you are specifically sharing these things with the Lord. When I was younger this occupied a lot of my spiritual journal space, but then, I had my share of the angst of youth!
2.       You can tell Him how much you love Him and appreciate Him.  Share what you like about who He is. Pour on the praise and adoration. 
3.       You can talk to Him about His Word. You can talk about verses that are meaningful to you, verses that make you love Him, or even ones that upset you. He doesn’t mind….He can take our questions!
4.       You can talk with Him about ways you want to change or grow.
5.       You can ask for His help with things that are troubling you.
6.       You can confess sin and repent.
7.    Sometimes I meditate on the lyrics of a song that I find meaningful, like what it will be like when I come face to face with Him in heaven. 
8.       It’s also OK to ask God for things, I just try and not make that the focus of my communication. Who wants a relationship like that?

This is just a start. If you have any fun ideas of ways you like to relate to God, I’d love to hear them! I hope we all have a good week communing with our Lord.  Make sure that after you talk, you take time to listen….that, by the way, will be the topic of my next post!

Psalm 40:16a 
Let all those who seek You rejoice and be glad in You....

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