Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Most Important Relationship 4 - Listening to God

Do you ever feel like God set you up? I’m feeling that way today! I said in my last post that I’d talk about hearing from the Lord, and today I’m desperately trying to hear from Him! A professor approached me and offered me the opportunity to take a two year’s leave of absence, work on a grant and get my doctorate. I have to tell them tomorrow.  

It’s hardest to hear those yes or no answers from God. In fact, when I think about listening to God, life altering decisions really aren’t the place to start.

So where do you start? I started with my spiritual journal. I started by writing to God in my notebook in one color and writing down what I felt He was saying to me in another color. The biggest roadblock to putting your pen to the paper is the fear of being wrong. How do I know this is God? We all face it. But we have to start somewhere. How do we learn if we never try?

There are things we can do to gain confidence that we are hearing from the Lord.

First of all, what you feel you are hearing from God needs to line up with scripture. If it isn’t in line with the Bible, then it isn’t God.  So, if you hear God tell you He loves you, then you should believe it because that is also what the Word says. It’s truth!!

Secondly, if you feel like the Lord is giving you direction, it’s always a good thing to tell someone you trust. If it’s the Lord, it will bear the scrutiny of others. An objective third party can give support to that word or bring caution.

Thirdly, when I feel like the Lord is speaking something specific to me, like maybe something that is related to the future, then one thing I make sure to do is focus on God and not that word. In fact, I set the word aside and wait to see what happens. If the word is from the Lord, then He will bring it to pass in time and show me why I needed to hear that word. If it isn’t from the Lord, then it’s just a distraction that I don’t need to become focused upon.  It’s easy to try and cling to something that we really hope happens. But we should only cling to God.  We can be wrong, but He is never wrong.

If I do these things, then I protect myself from getting caught up in something that isn’t the Lord. Over the years I have learned a great deal about hearing His voice. And that’s because I picked up my pen, clicked to red and started writing. Practice makes perfect! So I’d encourage you to write to the Lord, and let Him speak back to you. J

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