Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Most Important Relationship 5 - It's Worth the Risk

I’ve touched on supernatural things. God has spoken to me clearly in ways I cannot deny.  I went through a season where God spoke specifically to me about the needs of people. The church I went to had a time during the service to pray for needs. If a person felt like God was leading them to pray for a certain illness or need, they would share that burden with the congregation. Anyone who identified could raise their hand and receive prayer.  Well, God challenged me to hear from Him specifically and though it was hard and scary, I determined to do my best. One of my favorite stories goes like this:

We had a Wednesday evening service that I usually attended. However, on this night I was tired and busy and decided not to go. But I couldn’t shake the thought that God wanted me to go and share a specific word to someone who needed ministry. I kept wrestling with the idea, trying to convince myself that God was not speaking to me. Finally, unable to shake the feeling that God wanted me to be there, I left for church. I was concerned at this point because it was late and worship was already in full swing. It would look like I just popped in to give this Word of Knowledge like I was some prima donna. Ugh. I had to do this.  I got to church and felt the Lord’s urgency. If I didn’t get in there soon it would be too late. I ran across the parking lot and into the church, out of breath and sort of in a panic. I felt like He was directing me to calm down and look to the left side of the church. I was standing in the back and could only see the backs of people. The Lord pointed out a girl I didn’t know in a blue sweatshirt. “Her.” He told me what the problem was and I went to the microphone at the proper time. My heart was pounding in my chest. I'd made it, but just barely. This is what I shared, “You are struggling with stomach pain. This is a new problem and has gotten worse lately. It’s related to anxiety and something that is upsetting you. The Lord wants you to know how much He loves you and how much He cares about you and what you are going through.” The woman burst into tears as we all prayed for her.

After the service she came up to me and told me her story.  She had married her husband the day before he left for Iraq. He had been gone for a long time but recently returned to the states and was staying at Fairchild in Spokane. It was actually harder for her now to have him so close and yet so far away. She had just talked to him that morning and told him about her stomach pain. He thought at the time that it was anxiety related to their situation. So when I showed up and told her how much God loved her and how much He cared….it blew her away. I absolutely love my God so much. He really does care. This story is proof of that. 

So, learning to hear from God involves risk. It’s scary. We can be wrong. But it can also be amazing. It’s worth the risk. Let’s risk.

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