Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Most Important Relationship 6 - Confirmation

Last week I was talking to a friend and giving her the update on my life. I told her about some of the health issues I’d been struggling with and she said a bit remorsefully. “God told me to pray for you. I had no idea you were having trouble. But God told me to pray.” She was feeling badly, but I was excited for her! The thing she felt she was hearing from the Lord was confirmed to her and that is awesome.  If you want to learn to hear from God you have to do a few things. First of all, you need to pray for the Lord to speak to you. Secondly, you need to take the big risk and write down what you believe you are hearing. Next, you need to pray that the Lord brings confirmation to the words you heard.  Finally, you have to trust that the Lord does indeed want to speak to you and He’s going to help you learn to hear his voice.

This summer I was praying and I felt the Lord really challenge me to pray for the lost in our city. Now I’ve got to confess here, I am not a great prayer of vague prayers. I’m good with specific people, specific issues. I’ve not spent much time praying for the unnamed, unsaved.  But this summer, God prompted me to do so and I was obedient. This school year our church has seen a huge amount of growth. Guess what? We've had a much greater number of unsaved people coming to Christ than we've ever had before.  I’d love to take all the credit, but I can’t. What I can say is that God wanted to do something in Pullman. He looked around for someone who would hear from Him and pray His agenda. He found me. I prayed. He moved.  Not just because of my prayers, but I know my prayers were a part of His moving. I got to partner with Him because I heard His voice. This was a moment of confirmation for me! I thought God spoke something to me and I acted on it. He showed me later that He was in fact speaking to me. Pray for confirmation in what you’re hearing. Pray that God would teach you to hear. He wants us to hear Him.  

John 10:27 (NKJV)
My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.

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