Sunday, August 26, 2012

What Brings God Joy

My husband is a water skiing stud. Seriously, I know there are people out there who are better than he is, but I’ve never actually seen anyone in person who skis as well. It makes it fun for me to go boating because I can say “Hey, that really cool guy is my husband!”  Anyway, we have a boat and he loves to water ski. Today was a busy Sunday because school started this week and I didn’t really want to try and make time for a quick trip to the river. But I know how much joy he gets out of skiing--it is something he absolutely loves to do.  And it makes me happy seeing him so happy. It makes me glad when I get to see him enjoying something he loves and does really well.  So I went and drove the boat for him and had a great time with our friends Jordan and Rebecca.

On the way home I was thinking about how much it blesses me to see him blessed. And then I started thinking about God. We were created in his image. The parts of us that express love are mere reflections of his greater love. It is an act of love for me to be blessed when my husband is blessed. That means that this love I feel for Nick pales in comparison to God’s infinitely greater love.

And this is what that means to me. It means that God loves to see my heart happy and full of joy. I think we’ve all heard so often that “God’s more interested in your holiness than your happiness” that I forget God is blessed by my joy.  It makes me want to walk in joy more often knowing that it pleases Him.

God loves to see my heart singing. My smile brings him joy. When my heart is happy it makes Him happy.

God loves to see me walking in my strengths, like I enjoy seeing Nick walk in his. When I’m fully being the person God created me to be my Lord is glad. When I find delight in who God made me, God is blessed. He looks at me like I look at Nick, enjoying watching him have fun and fully be himself. Only it’s a much deeper love, because that’s just who God is.

This was worth thinking about this today. J

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