Sunday, September 9, 2012

Running Desperate

I was nearing the front lines and running hard. The landscape looked like a scene from some old war movie. There were enemy guard towers and guards monitoring a white line drawn with chalk. For about 100 yards beyond that it stretched--no man’s land--the space between the enemy and the good guys. Switzerland, or whoever they were. At the end of the 100 yards the good guys had their own white line, guards, and towers.

Dirty, tired, clothes torn and desperate, I by some great miracle burst upon that scene and cross the enemy line into no man’s land. Shots ring out and bullets pepper the air around me. My muscles are burning and my lungs are on fire as I push my way forward. I can feel someone on my tail, gaining. I look ahead and there they are--Jesus and the two angels who had been with me. They are now standing right on the edge of the “good line”, the white chalk that meant I was home free. Soldiers from the “good guard towers” are firing at the enemy, trying to help me. I’m so tired I don’t think I can do it. But then I look up at Jesus.  He is screaming. He’s screaming so loudly his entire face is contorted, his body leaning over the line and his arms outstretched.  "Don’t stop! You can DO this! Come on!!”

The angels are screaming too, but I don’t really notice them. My eyes are fixated on my Savior, the only one who can truly help me. I feel the enemy close in behind, as if one big grab is all he would need to take me down. I am scared beyond belief and my heartbeat is pounding in my ears. Somehow I dig down deep, beyond the place where there is nothing left, to reserves only God can give. And with one last burst of energy I launch myself across the line. I go flying through the air and my ankle brushes between the enemy’s grasping hands as I throw myself into the arms of my Savior.

Blogs aren’t supposed to be long. Technically, “they say” an entry should be no more than 400 words. Not wanting to defy the experts, I’m going to wait and explain this picture on my next post. However, in the meantime, think on this. God is totally for us. He’s urging us on in the fight. In the midst of any crisis, any struggle, He’s waiting for us, wanting for us to run to Him with all desperation and throw ourselves into His arms. 

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