Sunday, October 28, 2012

God's Manifest Presence

Time for a cool story! My husband Nick leads a prayer meeting for our church staff every Monday.  Last Monday he was going to talk about hearing from the Lord. Before the meeting, he asked the Lord to speak to Him and give him something specific for someone in the group.  Nick then went to the meeting and started out with, “I feel like I have something for... Annie (not her real name).”  He then proceeded to share with both Annie and the group what he felt he’d heard from the Lord. What he didn't know, is that at a staff meeting only minutes before Annie had shared her heart with the group. She was feeling down and was ready to quit. The words Nick shared directly addressed all the things she’d just poured out to the team! By the time it was over Annie was crying, as were several team members. It ministered to her deeply and really encouraged everyone in the meeting.

This is the God I know and love! My God who sees us and cares for us. Our pain and struggle does not go unnoticed by Him. He cares. Deeply. He wants to communicate His love for us. He desires to minister to us in our pain and struggles. He’s actually looking for faithful servants who will learn to hear His voice and then share with others the love and encouragement He offers like Nick did for Annie last Monday.  But in order to do that, we need to have a little more Mary and a little less Martha in our soul at times.  We need to commune with Him and get to know His heart. Then we need to be willing to take some risks!  

I talked to Nick about this later and this is what he said: "It wasn't like I was all confident and convinced I was right. I didn't know if I was hearing right at all. It was more like, "OK, here we go!" But I was willing to be obedient.  I was willing to take a risk. And God showed up.”

I love it when people serve as a catalyst for God. It’s like they take a person’s hand and they place it in God’s hand. Nick was a conduit for a God/girl connection. He connected Annie’s heart to her Lord’s heart. 

Tangible God. His manifest presence on the Earth. Very awesome!

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