Sunday, October 21, 2012

Time Is a Trickster

Old time is a trickster.  We poor mortals live in the day to day, caught up in whatever is before us, ignorant that while we carry on in our oblivion, time marches relentlessly forward.   It hits me sometimes, like yesterday.  I drove into town just past noon, after spending two days in Missoula, Montana looking at University of Montana with my senior in high school.  The weekend before, we were out of town for another college visit. That in and of itself is a reality check--my daughter is leaving--soon.  Right after we got home, we shifted into “get ready for the Homecoming Dance” mode. Both girls were busy with prep (and we had one of their friends come over so they could do her hair, too!) They filled our dining room table with primping items and turned that room (which has an amazingly huge mirror) into a salon. I fixed dresses, picked up boutonnieres, went on last minute runs for shoes, and thoroughly enjoyed getting to be a part of the moment.

The girls were caught up in the day, having fun and busy trying not to be late for photo shoots, etc. They were totally oblivious in a way that I was not. I realized that this was Danielle’s last Homecoming Dance. I realized that there won’t be too many more times when they are getting ready together in my house, borrowing each other’s eye shadow and asking for help with the back of their hair. Other than Prom, it might be their weddings before they are ever in that mode together again.

That made me nostalgic; and just a little bit sad. It also made me want to appreciate each moment of life and really live them all, because they are gone in a vapor.

I was also extremely glad in that instant that I have prayed continually for my girls. I’m encouraged, as I’m about to send them out into the world, that their lives are full of prayer. I haven’t prayed for specific things, like “Dear God make my daughter become a missionary” or anything like that. But I have asked God continually to protect their lives, to fill their lives with His presence and Himself. I pray that God would lead and guide them to become everything He has called them to be and fulfill every plan and purpose that God has for their lives. I pray for their husbands (if they have them). I pray that they would draw close to Him.

In the end I have to trust them to Him and know that He loves them more than I do.

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